5 Ways to Tell When Your Biz is Ready for a Professional Brand Designer

Taking your brand identity to the next level is really so much fun! You just have to define your needs, research your best options, and look for a perfect fit. If you relate to any of the statements below, your business is probably ready to hire a professional brand designer.

1. You’re ready to graduate from your D.I.Y. logo.

Did you make your current logo in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint? No judgment - respect, sista! Starting a biz can be expensive, and you gotta do what you gotta do at the beginning. But do you have a color palette, moodboard, font system, submarks, and a brand pattern (not to mention a complete style guide that lays out correct usage, dimensions and orientation?) Your logo most likely isn’t a vector file (a high type of file that doesn’t get pixellated!), which you’ll definitely need for any type of printing. It’s time to make an upgrade, girl.

2. Your competitors have started upping their branding game.

Admit it - you check up on your competitors’ online presences. We all do! Is their website stunning, simple, and easy to use? Does their home page and instagram feed give you heart eyes? Maybe you’re a little jealous of their look? (I get it, trust me!) It’s most likely because they’ve worked with a professional brand designer to get clarity and consistency in their brand’s visuals.

3. Your business (and income) has grown past the initial scramble.

Remember flinching whenever you heard the phrase “invest in your business?” This is still something I struggle with sometimes! But I’m so grateful to have moved past that initial “startup” scramble. My income is at a place where investing isn’t (too) scary; I know that it’s only going to help my biz grow even more (and take loads of work off my plate).

4. You don’t have a professionally designed website.

Not knocking the hustle here - like I said, sometimes you just gotta make it work. But you might have started to notice that your site just isn’t doing the job anymore. What is the attention flow your potential customer should take? Do you have a lead magnet and calls to action? Does your website empower your audience to hear your message or do they navigate away a little confused? What about SEO? I bet your biz is ready for a web upgrade.

5. Your visuals don’t accurately represent your business’s story or values.

IMO, this is the most important reason to hire a brand designer. Does your logo, color palette, and social presence really tell your audience who you are? Do you have defined business values that you want to convey? How does your brand make your audience feel? How does it set you apart from your competition? Hiring a professional brand and web designer isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about strategy. A brand designer will help you answer these questions - and then get your biz to the next level visually and strategically.


Ready to up-level your brand?

Your biz is already top-notch. Let’s get your visuals there, too.